Uncomfortable questions are constantly accompany the business life of almost everyone . Conferences, meetings , by simply communicating with colleagues. Sometimes these issues can be confusing to the speaker, and even prevent him achieve his goal . What can be done in such situations? Nothing special ! Just need to be able to answer difficult questions, using one of several strategies described below.

These methods can be used in all situations is : at conferences, at cold calling , personal communication with customers, when speaking to the shareholders or partners. They are simply universal. Consider the example of these methods speech Hillary Clinton in the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and heads the automotive industry of America, which not so long ago had to introduce new models of cars. Clinton was one problem – the international fund her husband, who she really wanted to not affect the discussion . Well, in the automotive industry a whole heap of problems. So, here are four steps from Carmine Gallo, allow to deal with any difficult questions : Continue reading

Image of a human face can have a powerful impact on your audience during the presentation. This firsthand knows Carmine Gallo . Not so long ago in one of the medical conferences he helped create a presentation one company producing devices , a real breakthrough in computer tomography . When creating a presentation Gallo decided it would be nice if the speaker tells about two hypothetical cases in which computed tomography can help people . Continue reading

Today we chat day presentations BizTimes. If in the previous article, we discussed the possibility of using images of people in the presentation , now let’s talk about how the human brain works . This information will allow you to understand what is happening with the audience during your presentation. Continue reading

Persuasion is an important ability for humans. And it is especially necessary to the manager to influence their colleagues, boss, employees, partners and customers. Creating a compelling message capable , may not change the point of view of the person , but to bring it to us necessary conclusions. But how to create such a message ? Scientists Elliot Aronson and Anthony Pratkanis believe that communication should be properly used 4 stratagems of influence, which we will discuss below . Continue reading

Many companies during the crisis reduce staff . And, alas , do not always have to fire incompetent employees alone . Sometimes you have to part with qualified and experienced staff . Even if you really do not want. Is there any way to avoid this ? It turns out that it is quite possible . Continue reading

A couple of years ago, Professor William Duggan was greatly intrigued to learn that while the most common English words appeared , at least in the 15 or 16th century , the word “strategy” only entered the language in 1810. He decided to find out why. It turned out that in 1810, when Napoleon Bonaparte was on top of his power, at the same time, Carl von Clausewitz began work on his classic treatise on war, in which he tried to explain the reasons for the military successes of Napoleon. ” Von Clausewitz describes something like the essence of the strategy , which he calls « coup d’oeil », which in French means” quick look “. And it occurred to me that it is much like a modern research on expert intuition ” – says Duggan . Continue reading

Joel Spolsky recently reviewed 5 Ways approximating team of software developers to failure. I thought it would be useful to introduce all our readers with the highlights of this article – 5 steps that bring a team of developers to failure. At the same time something tells me that the article will be useful not only for IT managers, but everyone else. With some modifications , of course. Continue reading